Nisaa Al-Ghad Organization for Widows Development and Care

Is a non-governmental organization independent  recorded on 05/05/2015 in the circle of organizations by the number (1O77486)

Founded by a group of experts in the field of international and local organizations and those with university degrees and from different disciplines such as engineering, science and law, who believe in volunteering their goal is to help a certain segment of society,  there are widows and orphans .

Where the organization put eyeing this segment and ridiculed all means and possibilities that will ensure the widow and the orphan a life of dignity and prestige respected in the community, by offering a helping hand to them in all the requirements … as well as confidence-building have and compensation for the deprivation in which they live and seeking also to help them to build a decent life for them … and also that the targets set by the Organization seeks to achieve it also helps slice widows achieve their goals and to develop strategic plans to achieve their goals, through the provision of material and moral support to them and developmental